Sunday, 9 July 2017

Kylie Has Banned Tyga From Being in Her Presence

Drama Queen

The Kylie and Tyga drama just never ends. Even though they broke up a while ago, they still make the headlines together over and over again. Kylie’s new reality show Life of Kylie is scheduled to debut on E! in the near future, but it might get off to a rocky start. If one thing is for sure, Kylie is making sure that Tyga never comes near the set… but is she even showing up to the set herself?

Tyga and Kylie used to be one of the best celebrity couples out there, but things got real bad real quick. At one point, they were all over each other and as lovey-dovey as a new couple could ever get, but now things couldn’t be more of the opposite.
The two split up a while ago, but Kylie is still making sure she never has to deal with him again.
First, they had their huge breakup, then Kylie quickly moved on and started dating Travis Scott. Now it seems like she’s making sure Tyga keeps his distance no matter what.
The rapper obviously still has feelings for her, and he even recently started seeing someone who looked almost identical to Kylie. That’s probably as close as he’s going to get to the real thing for a very long time.
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