joey badass
In this new interview with Montreality, Joey Bada$$ talks about the need for balance in hip-hop, why To Pimp a Butterfly is his favorite Kendrick Lamar album and that time he took shrooms with CJ Fly, Dirty Sanchez, Capital STEEZ and all of them had the same dream. Joey recently called JAY-Z’s 4:44 “the 4th Blueprint,” but that isn’t his only hot take on Hov’s new album: “Honestly, I felt like I was an inspiration to that album. 

know I was an inspiration to that album. I put certain pressure on these OGs in the rap game, they know what they gotta talk about now. They got this young n*gga Joey Bada$$ coming out, talking about this shit before they got the chance to talk about it.”
Having experienced the pain of losing a friend and collaborator to suicide, Joey signs off with a powerful message for anyone who’s contemplating taking their own life.