Killer Mike once again gave another informative and moving speech about the injustice in America — namely with the latest rash of recorded police killings. In a radio interview with Hot 107.9, Mike gave some serious suggestions on how to change the system from the inside. He gave some real advice on ways to empower black owned business which can ultimately lead to huge changes in government.
“What we can do is go to your banks tomorrow. You can go to your bank tomorrow. And you can say ‘Until you as a corporation start to speak on our behalf, I want all my money. And I’m taking all my money to Citizen’s Trust’… Apartheid ended in South Africa because students in America said ‘We not flying Delta anymore,” continued Mike.

“We not drinking Coca-Cola anymore. We’re not supporting any corporation that supports the Apartheid and the enslavement of people that look like us.’ And I’m just saying once again… Take your money out of this dog’s hands. Out of their paws. Take your money.”