Friday, 10 June 2016

ABC News Dropped a Bombshell Report On Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is caught up in yet another huge scandal related her clandestine email server.
Good Morning America dropped a bombshell on the Clinton campaign this morning.
According to ABC News, in 2011 Clinton appointed Rajiv Fernando, a major Clinton Foundation donor, to a Top Secret State Department advisory board when he had zero national security experience.

ABC news caught up to Rajiv Fernando in 2012, and asked him to explain how he got the appointment when no one had ever heard of him and he had no experience.
Fernando reportedly threatened to call the police and have the reporters arrested if they didn’t leave.
48 hours after ABC News started snooping around, Fernando abruptly resigned from the position.
Now fast forward to 2016, when the U.S. State Department released new Clinton server emails from a lawsuit that shows exactly how Fernando wound up getting the top secret appointment.
The Right Scoop — New emails released by the State Department in a lawsuit from Citizens United show that Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s Chief of Staff, added Fernando to the list.
His name wasn’t on the original list, the email noted, but was added at the Secretary’s insistence.
The emails also show that when ABC News started asking the State Department about Fernando’s appointment, Cheryl Mills told the press spox to stall for 24 hours. The next day Fernando resigned.
Guess who refused to comment on the story? Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
Watch the entire report below:
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