mick jenkins
Mick Jenkins and KAYTRADANA is a combination that has so far failed to disappoint (see: “Your Love,” “P’s & Q’s”). Mick Jenkins and ThemPEOPLE isn’t a bad pairing either (see: “$3,000 Advice,” “Piano” — you know what? Just go listen to Wave[s] in full). So with both names behind the board, Mick’s latest single is practically an uncontested lay up.
Over a slippery BADBADNOTGOOD sample, the Chicago MC name checks Harvey Dent, nibbles on Kanye West (twice) and lands the kind of clever punchlines that gives this track the name “The Artful Dodger”: “N*ggas rolling like some cheapskates/I see kids talking work with empty briefcase/We put the beef on the buzz and call it sweepstakes/Then roll a joint like a n*gga need a knee brace.”
THC coming soon.