Monday, 11 April 2016

Kylie Jenner: ‘I Always Regret’ Posting Sexy Photos

kylie jenner bikini
Unlike her sister Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner doesn’t like taking scantily-clad selfies.
Speaking with Marie Claire as one of the publication’s five cover girls for their May 2016 issue, the 18-year-old reveals that — contrary to popular belief — she feels “weird” whenever she shares a sexy picture of herself. (Even though, like, there aremany out there.)
“When I post sexy photos, I always regret it,” she says. “Like, Oh my God, everyone is seeing my body. I get really weird about it.”
Jenner, who is named as a Fresh Face of 2016 in the magazine, also feels that there needs to be boundaries set between her personal life and social media. Despite having more than 57 million followers on Instagram and being the most-followed person on Snapchat, the reality star insists she doesn’t necessarily make a large portion of her life public.

“There’s a really big part of my life that I don’t share online, and I feel like people think that just because I have a reality TV show and I’m on Snapchat for probably 10 minutes altogether throughout the day, that they know my life,” she tells Adweek, in which she also graces to cover of. “But I feel like everybody—every celebrity, at least—keeps a big part of their life super private. Like, I don’t show a lot of my relationships or my ups and downs. I’d never have a fight with someone [on Instagram].”
As for those haters out there? Jenner doesn’t really give a damn about her critics these days.
“Honestly, I feel like at this point I’ve gotten so numb to it. I still do my thing and people still love me,” she says of criticism. “It doesn’t really affect me.”
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