Friday, 1 April 2016

Here’s What Critics Are Saying About ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’

Still from 'Everybody Wants Some!!'
Headed to the movies? Perhaps this college comedy is just what you’re looking for!
Love coming-of-age movies? How about a little college romance? Enjoy a hard-partying romp? Well, Everybody Wants Some!! is all that and more! But don’t take our word for it. Check out what the critics are saying…
“From the split-personality music of the time, to the macho-bonding of man-boy jocks, to the mysteries and glories of slightly older women, to the unbridled sexual energy of the 19-year-old away from home for the first time, to many a college student’s obsession with alcohol and parties and embracing every moment of the college experience, Richard Linklater’s non-sequel of a sequel to Dazed and Confused has pitch-perfect tone.”

-Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times
“As small and specific as it is, Everybody Wants Some!!” feels improbably expansive, even universal.”
-Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post
Everybody Wants Some!! captures the essence of all sorts of youthful desires, both those that are easily identifiable and the more aching, unnameable kind.”
-Stephanie Zacharek, Time Magazine
“The film doesn’t so much build as glide, in a pleasing, half-stumbling way, to the first day of school, which links Everybody Wants Some!! to Linklater’s previous film, the gentle masterwork Boyhood.”
-Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune
Everybody Wants Some!! may be a little shambling and uneventful. But like college, it’s the late aimless nights and idle afternoons that you look back on most fondly when you get older.”
-Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly
“Leave it to Linklater to create a nonstop party that keeps ringing undertones of what happens when the party’s over. That’s what makes it a Linklater film. He builds human comedies, the kind that last.”
Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
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