Sunday, 17 April 2016

Beyonce Drops Video Teaser, Says “What Am I Gonna Do?” Amid Rumors of Divorce

Beyonce dropped a video teaser today, fueling rumors that she and husbandJay Z are divorcing.
The couple has not been seen together in public in weeks. And Beyonce was not seated next to Jay Z at Kobe Bryant‘s farewell NBA game last week.
Her rabid fans were puzzled when the single mother dropped a video teaser promoting an HBO event entitled “Lemonade”, set to air on April 23.

In the video teaser, the mother-of-one wears blonde cornrows and a faux fur coat. Her head rises slowly and the scene fades to black. She appears to be a depressed, heartbroken woman who is painfully aware that her marriage is over.
“What am I gonna do?” the singer whispers mournfully in a voiceover.
Beyonce joins an exclusive sorority of celebrity women including Monica Brown and Drew Barrymore whose marriages were destroyed over infidelity.
Watch the video below.
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