Sunday, 20 March 2016

WATCH: Josh Kelley Calls Wife Katherine Heigl ‘The Boss’ in Life and New Music Video

Singer Josh Kelley enlisted the acting and directing skills of his wife, Katherine Heigl, for the music video for his new song, “It’s Your Move.” According to Kelley, the song was inspired by a heated argument the couple had early in their marriage.
He confessed that in addition to Heigl being in charge behind the camera for the music video, she’s also the CEO of his life.

Kelley says, “She wasn’t just my boss in this video, she’s the boss in general to me. No, she’s the boss. She tells me to jump, I jump.”
In true Hollywood fashion, the first order of business Heigl had for Kelley once she signed on as director was instructing him to lose ten pounds.
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