Friday, 11 March 2016

WATCH: The International Trailer For ‘Ghostbusters’ Gives Us So Much More Chris Hemsworth

A Shirtless Chris Hemsworth Enjoys A Swim in Sydney
Listen, I know that in this all female version of Ghostbusters I should be focusing on how funny and great the women are.
And they are! Kate McKinnon is stealing the show, Kristen Wiig andMelissa McCarthy are spot on and Leslie Jones is a gem. But guys, I can’t help it, I’m most excited about Chris Hemsworth as bespectacled their secretary, and you will be do when you see the new international trailer for Ghostbusters.
There is so much more Hemsworth!
And he’s actually doing a really great job. Aside from his cameo in Vacation (which was really the best part of the movie), Chris hasn’t done much comedy. But if this trailer is any indication, he is once again proving that he’s great at it. Plus, I love that in the trailer he’s pretty much used an object of hotness. Check it out above and prepare to be amused. Honestly, this trailer is better than the first one.

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