Monday, 14 March 2016

The 10 Sexiest Tattoo Artists In The World


It was a stipulation that when compiling this roundup, these inked-up beauties must first be talented artists in order to make our super-exclusive list. What came next, of course, was if their appearances matched their artistry. After taking stock of the many gorgeous tattoo artists around the world, I managed to edit the list down to a top 10. So without further adieu, behold: the world's sexiest tattoo artists.

#2 Cleo Wattenstrom

About: When it comes to appearances, Wattenstrom's are virtually unmatched. The gorgeous tattooing nomad, to the surprise of nobody, makes a living as an international model in addition to tattooing. Specializing in realistic artworks (both black and white and color), Wattenstrom admits she fell into tattooing as a result of skipping school. Instead, she'd head to local tattoo shops, hang out with local artists, and tattoo those who'd let her. Eventually Wattenstrom discovered she had a knack for this kind of thing, and has travelled the world tattooing ever since.
Where: Everywhere (she's a "travelling tattooer")
Instagram: @cleowattenstrom

#3 Sara Fabel

About: Born in Finland, Fabel found fame when she decided to feature her artwork and modelling shots on social media websites like Tumblr and Facebook. These images understandably spread like wildfire, and she ultimately cultivated a very promising fanbase whom she would not disappoint. Though she has since retired from modelling professionally, there's no need to throw your fists through the wall, gentlemen. Her Instagram account remains sexy as Hell.
Where: California
Instagram: @sarafabel

#4 Moni Marino

About: This badass got her very first tattoo by the only artist she could trust – herself. Despite not having a tattoo machine (which her father eventually gave her at 14) Marino tattooed an "M" on her wrist using a sewing needle, thread, and Pelikan ink. It's no surprise then that she is a self-taught artist, and only spent a few months under the guidance of a more experienced tattooer.
Where: Vienna, Austria
Instagram: @moni_marino_artist

#5 Kinki Ryusaki

About: Despite the sultry name, Ryusaki is indisputably the cutest tattooer on the list. Thanks to her copious amounts of ink, she's confusingly sexy as well – like a Hello Kitty doll who drinks whiskey from within a paper bag. Ryusaki is proficient in many styles, but her specialty lies in cover-ups, an avenue that is extremely difficult to master.
Where: Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
Instagram: @kinkiryusaki

#6 Megan Massacre

About: As a TV personality for two TLC programs – "America's Worst Tattoos" and "NY Ink" – it would appear as though Massacre has replaced Kat Von D as the sexy, talented lady-tattooer with killer TV presence. As for her artwork, Massacre describes it as "Creepy yet cute; combining dark imagery with bold vibrant color to create a unique, whimsical style that is of no other." Which, coincidentally, is an effective way to describe her appearance as well.
Where: New York
Instagram: @megan_massacre

#7 Mary Joy

About: An artist in it's truest form, Joy's mentor is none other than iconic traditional tattooer and purveyor of clothing for douchebags and strippers in their off-hours, Ed Hardy. In fact, she's been employed by Hardy at Tattoo City ever since she started tattooing in 2007, and specializes in traditional as well.
Where: California
Instagram: @maryjoytattoo

#8 Kat Abdy

About: Born in Australia, Abdy decided to make the move to the UK as a means of escaping Perth's competitive tattoo culture where she was discouraged to interact with "tattoo rivals." After traveling through Europe, Adby decided Cloak & Dagger was her shop du jour, as the staff was incredibly "open and accommodating," a concept Abdy hadn't witnessed before. Abdy's tattoo style is neo-traditional, using a lot of black as well as other, more earthy colors.
Where: London
Instagram: @katabdy

#9 Little Linda

About: Adopted at six months by non-traditional parents who encouraged her to travel the world before pursuing an education, Linda's travels brought her passion for tattooing to the forefront, where she's since built a stellar reputation as an illustration-style tattooer. Aside from tattooing, Linda loves to cook using local ingredients and hike, thus making her the sexiest hippy chick on the planet, probably.
Where: Texas
Instagram: @littlebabylinda

#10 Rose Hardy

About: Originally from New Zealand, Hardy now resides in New York, tattooing clients in her traditional style with a unique decorative edge. She draws inspiration from old photos – pre-1920s – and got her start in tattooing thanks to a trusting friend who asked his artist if she could contribute to some of his back piece. This artist was Adam Craft, who let her, and eventually became her mentor.
Where: New York
Instagram: @rosehardy
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