Tuesday, 1 March 2016

See What Miley Cyrus Called Donald Trump After White Supremacist Endorsement

Miley Cyrus Recently Offered Her Opinion of the Real Estate Magnate
Tell us what you really think, Miley!
Apparently a former KKK leader, David Duke, recently gaveDonald Trump his endorsement for the Republican candidacy. And Miley Cyrus decided it was time to give her two cents on the real estate mogul.
The “We Can’t Stop” singer posted a pic of the tanned New Yorker beside a gigantic stack of paperwork with the caption, “Donald Trump is a fucking nightmare.”

Cyrus isn’t the first famous person to toss some hostility Trump’s way; Jon Stewart,Whoopi Goldberg and the Pope are just a few who beat her to the punch, but none can equal the outlandish singer’s bluntness!
Although there’s no mention of Duke’s endorsement, it’s hard to ignore Miley’s timing. It’s also been reported that the pop singer is a big supporter of Bernie Sanders. So, although the insult is pretty brazen, it’s not all that surprising.
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