Mariah Carey and the E! network just announced an upcoming 8 part docu-series, Mariah’s World, set to debut later this year. The show will give fans an up-close-and-personal look at Mariah juggling motherhood, her career & tour life and relationship with fiance billionaire James Packer.
”I refuse to call it a reality show,” she said in a telephone interview with the NY Times. But you will see the diva doing everyday things like getting her nails done. “I thought it would be a good opportunity to kind of, like, show my personality and who I am, even though I feel like my real fans have an idea of who I am,” she explained. “A lot of people have misperceptions about this and that.”
The show began filming two weeks ago and captured her performing abroad in Europe and South Africa.

“I don’t want to do anything that’s exploitative,” she said. “They haven’t been filmed at all yet. There might be a couple of moments, but it’s not about making them the stars of the show. They’re too young to make that decision.”
Similarly, Ms. Carey said that her fiancĂ©, the Australian James Packer, does not want to be filmed. “He’s a legit businessman,’’ she said. “It’s not really his thing to be, like, traipsing all over Europe and hanging out with all my crew and dancers and singers.”
The show is being produced by Bunim/Murray Productions, the same group behind “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” “I Am Cait” and “The Real World.” Jeff Jenkins, executive vice president for programming and development at Bunim/Murray, said that “Mariah’s World” would be shot differently from the company’s other shows.
“Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” for example, is shot in the spirit of a soap opera, with rapid cuts, wall-to-wall music and in-studio interviews, but “Mariah’s World” will adhere a few degrees closer to the standards of a documentary, he said.
Mr. Jenkins also said he was interested in breaking the fourth wall and blending his production crew into the television show. He referred to a scene in Madonna’s famous documentary, “Truth or Dare.”
“Remember when Madonna’s getting a chiropractic adjustment,” Mr. Jenkins recalled, and noticed that the director was following her. “And she says, ‘You’re following me into the adjustment?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, we’re shooting everything, remember?’ And she says, ‘Not my adjustment!’ He said, ‘Yeah, we’re shooting everything,’ and she says, ‘O.K.’ That’s kind of where I’m at right now with Mariah.”