Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Justin Bieber Will No Longer Do Fan Meet-And-Greets Following ‘Security Incident’

Justin Bieber Cancels Fan Meet-And-Greets After ‘Security Incident’
Whether it’s because of a ‘security incident’ or Justin Bieber’s fear of disappointing fans, Beliebers will no longer have access to the pop star during meet-and-greets.
On Instagram on Tuesday, Justin Bieber posted a photo of him hugging a young female fan and announced that he would no longer be meeting with fans at shows.

The singer explained that the interactions left him “drained and unhappy,” preferring instead to “give you guys the show and the album as promised.”
However, the singer’s management cited a “security incident” in a Tweet that confirmed the cancellation of Bieber’s “I’ll Show You VIP Package” for his Purpose tour.
Regardless of the reason why, the singer’s fans won’t be posing with him for selfies any time soon.

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