Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Did Adrienne Bailon Wreck Another Woman’s 20-Year Marriage?

Adrienne Bailon
They say a woman can’t break up a marriage unless she has assistance — namely, the husband’s participation.
In the case of the People vs Adrienne Bailonthe evidence shows the daytime talk show host did indeed play a role in the breakup of gospel singer Israel Houghton‘s 20-year marriage.
Rhymeswithsnitch — Last night Fameolous blog picked up on Adrienne and Israel’s scent after they were photographed frolicking together in Tulum Mexico.
It was later confirmed that Adrienne and Israel have been secretly dating for months causing members of Israel’s church to question the timing of their relationship considering he announced just last month that cheating on his wife caused the end of their 20 year marriage.
In a come-to-Jesus moment in February, Houghton announced his divorce in a post on
Adrienne Bailon
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