Friday, 26 February 2016

NY Times Columnist Suggests Assassinating Donald Trump So He Can’t Win the Election

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Liberal mainstream media journalists are so terrified of losing their direct pipeline to the White House, that one of them suggested assassinating the GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.
“Good news guys I’ve figured out how the Trump campaign ends,” NY Times reporter Ross Douthat tweeted last night. His tweet contained a link to a trailer from the 1983 movie The Dead Zone, featuring an assassination attempt on a character played by actor Martin Sheen.

Martin Sheen
In the movie, the smarmy politician (Sheen) spots the would-be assassin (played by Christopher Walken) and holds up a baby to thwart the assassination attempt.
Imagine a NY TImes columnist “joking” about assassinating President Obama. He would be fired and thrown in jail.
In response to the angry backlash from his followers, Douthat deleted the tweet and issued an apology.
In a recent column, Douthat wrote, “President Hillary” would be a better choice for America than “our own nuclear-armed Berlusconi”.
By the way, latest polls show Trump is the likely Republican candidate nominee for president.
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