Thursday, 4 February 2016

Not So Blind Item

guess who
According to Blind Gossip, the black sheep of a certain reality TV klan is inching his way out of the closet.
The portly young man was raised by a domineering mother and her cross-dressing husband. He reportedly enlisted the aid of a former stripper to assist him on his journey out of the closet.
That’s what friends are for.

Blind Gossip — While he’s been the messy one of the clan (and that’s saying something), he’s getting some help from an unlikely source. Seeing what someone close to him is doing has given this guy the impetus to be who he is.
Sure, it’s baby steps—being seen in public in his current physical state is a big enough deal. But making out with another guy is HUGE—and we don’t mean huge like his self-proclaimed need for Magnums!
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