Friday, 12 February 2016

Nick Cannon and Stevie J Almost Came to Blows Over Mariah

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Stevie J has a reality show that’s doing poorly in the ratings. Consider that as you read this next story.
Stevie, who at one time was an in-demand music producer, bragged that he had sex with Nick Cannon‘s ex-wife Mariah Carey, not once but twice.
When Cannon found out about Stevie’s lies, he stepped to Stevie on the set of his long-running MTV2 show “Wild ‘N Out”.

Cannon invited Stevie J and his reality TV co-star Joseline Hernandez on the show to perform a rap battle. That’s when things got ugly, according to gossip tabloid
Page Six — Although things started off smoothly, they soon escalated after Stevie boasted about sleeping with Mariah Carey, not once but twice.
Cannon’s response was to bring up Stevie’s own dirty laundry, pointing out that Hernandez, his on-and-off wife and battle partner, was sleeping with Rick Ross.
The gloves clearly off, both men allegedly kept going after one another, with Cannon eventually telling Stevie that he’d use his connections to ensure that he’d never work in showbiz again.
Who knows if any of this is true. Who cares?
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