With some big records in the can, Montreal’s rising talent Syv de Blare recently debuted her new video with V-Magazine. The songstress brings a funky mix of R&B, dance, new age and a style all her own in the “Crash” visuals. She worked with director Kevin Calero on the multi-city video shoot which took place in Los Angeles, Paris and her hometown.
Syv’s PASSAGE EP is scheduled to be released later this year.

(via V-Magazine)
What is “Crash” about and how does it relate to the music video, if at all?
 With the single “Crash,” the song’s essence is rooted in the idea of the double. Duplication, shadowing, mirroring, resistance…Maybe in a way, I’m signaling the birth of the Syv de Blare character, not so much as an alter ego but as an uncanny replica of myself. The song is about the blissful moment of abandonment, of finding otherness inside oneself through sexual transcendence and anonymous possession. It’s about letting go during an identity striptease, like an endless loop of yourself removing a mask to only find another mask underneath. It’s about fucking your own shadow.