dirty game ep
Back in 2013, RetcH (aka Retchy P, aka the wildest dude Instagram has ever seen) teamed up with producer Thelonious Martin for Polo Sporting Goods, a certified underground classic that established him as one of NYC’s best new rappers. Three years later and I’ve got a feeling DIRTY GAME EP is going to do the same for fellow New Yorker Slayter.

“This kid reminds me of everything NY Rap is supposed to be with the versatility to touch other lanes and sounds,” says Thelonious, and he’s absolutely right. The 22-year-old MC brings the confidence of a young Havoc and Prodigy combined to some of Thelo’s best production on this six-track EP. One minute he’s lulling you into deep, blunted conversation (“Still Me”), the next he’s leaving you shaking in your boots like B.I.G. (“School of Hardknocks”).
If there’s one rhyme that best sums up Slayter, however, look no further than the opening track: “Still hit the bodega and I might steal/Still don’t give a fuck about a record deal.”
Stream and download below…