Monday, 22 February 2016

Kim Fields Responds to Kenya Moore’s Comments That Her Husband is Gay

Kenya Moore and Kim Fields
Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Kenya Moore, left, and Kim Fieldsdecided to take their workplace dispute to the streets.
Fields wrote a long, rambling Instagram response to Moore’s accusation that Kim’s effeminate husband, Christopher Morgan, is gay.
“I don’t think we really care either way if your husband is gay or whether or not you guys are having tax problems or any other kind of problems,” wrote Moore in a blog post.

“You portray like everything is perfect. It’s not really perfect, so we just want the real Kim Fields to show up. You have this wall up and it’s almost like you’re reading from a script.”
Moore, 45, said Fields had no right to be upset since they are both public figures who draw paychecks from he same employer (I added that last part about the paychecks).
Kim, 46, has nothing to be ashamed of. She isn’t the first celebrity to marry a gay man. There’s Kim Kardashian, Tasha Smith, Nicole Murphy, Sherri Shepherd, Terri McMillan, Michelle Obama, Crystal Renay, the list goes on and on.
Below is Kim’s rather longwinded response.
Kenya Moore and Kim Fields
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