kyle future prank
Having collaborated with Chance The RapperDonnie Trumpet and IAMSU!, Cali rapper KYLE is on the come-up. But his ascension jumped to astronaut levels over the weekend as he performed with none other than Future Hendrix. Well, almost.
During his recent show in Austin, TX, KYLE pulled off the ultimate troll and brought out Future and Metro Boomin look-a-likes in front of the 2,000-strong crowd. Naturally, his fans went nuts at the sight of the star duo, who walked out on stage to “Commas” looking, well, exactly like Future and Metro Boomin: black-and-blond dreads, wide brim hat, double cup — the lot. Hell, we wouldn’t have known any better if Phony Hendrix hadn’t have revealed his true identity later on.

“His lean cup was like a oversized 36 ounce styrofoam horchata double cup from a Mexican restaurant hahahaha,” KYLE’s accomplice Brick tweeted after the show. Well played, guys. Well played.