Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Here’s Why Tesla Won’t Release the Model X Any Time Soon

You’ve probably seen photos of celebrity kid Jaden Smith posing with his new Tesla Model X. If you are thinking of ordering a model X for yourself, you’ll be waiting a long time.
Elon Musk’s latest electric car offering might look sexy but the car is fraught with mechanical issues that may not ever make it past the production line.
So what’s the problem? Well, the model X’s falcon wing doors, for starters.
Industry insiders who have driven “the hysterically complicated Model X” complain that the mini SUV’s falcon wings, which rise with the speed of arthritic hands, are “fascinating but unnecessary.”

The doors “proved fussy” at an unveiling event, noted a Car and Driver writer, who predicted “the X will be a warranty nightmare.” As you can see from the above image, there isn’t much space for the doors to operate without touching the car next to it.
Here’s what Tesla owners don’t find out until it’s too late: there are scant few authorized Tesla body shops in select cities.
For instance, there are no Tesla authorized body shops in the entire state of Michigan. And there is only one Tesla authorized body shop in the state of Illinois (Chicago) and 2 body shops in Georgia.
Tesla refuses to sell their original parts to non-authorized body shops.
Tesla has a monopoly on its car parts, which means an authorized body shop must wait for Tesla to ship the part before work can begin on your car.
Some Tesla owners complain bitterly that they were forced to wait months for their Teslas to be repaired.
One Tesla owner whose model S needed minor repairs says his car was declared a total loss by his insurance company, which didn’t want the hassle of repairing the guy’s car.
Good luck, Jaden!
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