Sunday, 28 February 2016

Elton John Blasts Janet Jackson for Lip Syncing

Elton John
Pop legend Elton John went IN on pop icon Janet Jackson for lip syncing at a recent concert.
Sir Elton John, 68, took issue with Ms. Jackson’s lip syncing after attending one of the 49-year-old singer’s concerts.

“I’d rather go and see a drag queen!” he raged in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.
John groused that he expected to see a great concert after reading a stellar concert review for Jackson’s shows.
“You know, f*cking music magazines writing a review of Janet Jackson saying, ‘This is the greatest show – four and a half stars.’ It’s f*cking lip-synced! Hello! That’s not a show! I’d rather go and see a drag queen. F*ck off.”
Shame on Elton. Ms. Jackson recently resumed her tour after taking time off to recover from a throat procedure.
12 years ago, John blasted pop icon Madonna for not singing live. He later apologize to the “Material Girl”.
“I probably went too far with Madonna, and I got very personal and I wrote her – she was very gracious.”
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