Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Celebrity Seed: T.I. and Messiah Harris

Hip hop mogul T.I., aka King of the South, posted this IG pic of his eldest seed, Messiah Ya’ Majesty Harris, left, who celebrates his 16th birthday on Feb. 2nd.
Just yesterday Messiah Harris was a youngster looking up to his dad, and now his dad (literally) looks up to him.
A couple of months ago a young man confided in me that Messiah is dating his little sister.

The young man went on to say T.I. often drops his sister off at home after her late night dates with Messiah… and that their mother playfully chews out T.I. for bringing her daughter home late.
How cute is it that T.I. chaperones the young couple on their dates? Probably to make sure there is no Similac in their near future.
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