Monday, 29 February 2016

2016 Academy Awards: #OscarsSoWhite Skit Adds Black Actors in Nominated Movies

oscarsowhite skit

The Oscars put together a brilliant skit.
Just when we thought that Chris Rock’s opening monologueat the 2016 Academy Awards was going to be the best part of the night, the host re-shot Oscar nominated films using black actors. “If you’re a black actor, just getting an opportunity to be in a movie can be a struggle,” Rock said before showing the clip which included references to JoyThe Martian and even The Revenant.

“Say something. Maybe one day they’ll make a movie about a skinny white lady who invented a mop,” said Whoopi Goldberg, while mopping the floor behind Jennifer Lawrence. Meanwhile, SNL’s Leslie Jones beat ups Leonardo DiCaprio for “not calling” her back, and Tracy Morgan gives us his take on The Danish Girl, while eating a danish.
Even Rock himself mocked the #OscarsSoWhite controversy by playing a black astronaut.
Watch the hilarious sketch from the Oscars below!
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