The Kings of all things Chicago rap, FakeShoreDrive, just received some tips about an alleged Kanye West performance on SNL. Their sources say Yeezy will be rocking the late night show on Feb. 13 with Melssa McCarthy as the host. If it’s true, this be Yeezus’ 7th performance on the program.
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Reliable sources tell me that Kanye West will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on February 13th — just two days after Swish Waves’ intended release date. This make sense as Kanye will be in NYC for his Madison Square Garden release event/Yeezy Season 3 launch, as well as NY Fashion Week. This would also give him enough time to be in LA for the Grammys or Toronto for All-Star festivities should he be so inclined.
UPDATE: NBC has confirmed that Kanye will perform on SNL on February 13 — two days after the release of his new album WAVES.