Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Gabrielle Union Calls Stacey Dash a ‘Crazy Lady’

Gabrielle Union and Stacey Dash
No one respects anyone else’s opinion anymore. Republican conservativeStacey Dash, 49, was harassed unmercifully for offering her opinion on the Oscars black participation trophy debate.
Actress Gabrielle Union, 45, who is known to be opinionated herself, weighed in by calling Stacey “crazy” for having an opinion that she doesn’t agree with.
During an interview with the Associated Press, Union applauded minority groups for holding their own awards shows rather than running to outsiders for validation.
But then she went there by calling Dash “crazy.”

“If you don’t see yourself reflected in mainstream awards, you tend to create your own. Until there is no longer a need for that, I celebrate the ALMAs, the same way I celebrate the Country Music Awards, and the same way I celebrate the BET Awards and the Image Awards, which we’ll all be at in a couple of weeks. The more that we focus on inclusion and a true representation of this country, I think that crazy lady will have less to say.”
What dod you think? Was Gabrielle being disrespectful to a fellow actress? Do you think black people and biracial people should stand together and respect each other’s opinions?
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