Saturday, 25 April 2015

Tyga Responds Respectfully to Blac Chyna’s Trifling Ways

You have to hand it to rapper Tyga. Despite his baby mama, Blac Chyna, testing his manhood on social media; he still comes up smelling like roses.

It all started when Blac Chyna tweeted subliminal social media messages into cyberspace a few days ago. One of those tweets said, “Patiently waiting … 4 months.” Her tweet left some Twitter users scratching their heads, until they realized she meant she was patiently waiting until Tyga’s current flame, Kylie Jenner, turns 18. It’s kind of up in the air what Blac Chyna intends to do after Kylie’s 18th birthday.

Prior to that, Blac Chyna posted an Instagram image of her #KylieJennerchallenge mocking Kylie’s botox’d lips by wearing huge wax lips.

That didn’t go over so well with Tyga, who responded “Give it up. Get over it. Live your life.”

Which opened the door for the very vindictive Chyna to expose Tyga’s humble attempts to get back together with Chyna for the sake of their son.

Of course Black Twitter ran wild with Chyna’s tweets, taunting Tyga online and calling him “thirsty” and “soft”. But only a real man would understand Tyga’s plight. He knows that a boy needs both of his parents to get along so he can grow up to be a good man to a woman some day.

But Chyna’s immaturity is standing in the way of any such reconciliation because she can’t accept the fact that Tyga has moved on with another woman.

Earlier today Tyga posted his thoughts on the entire situation. Without lowering himself to Chyna’s level.

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