Thursday, 30 April 2015

Guest Post: Omar “Slim” White Speaks On Femininity

After the break, friend of the blog Omar “Slim” White gives his unique perspective on femininity.

By Omar “Slim” White:

Dear Goddesses, Queens & Sisters:

Having breasts and a vagina only makes you a woman, but what elevates your status is being a master of femininity.

Knowing how to use your larynx to express femininity. Knowing how you use your hands to express femininity. Knowing how to use your eyes to express femininity. Knowing how to use your vagina to take in masculine energy and cultivate it with your essence.

Many brothers that I interview speak about releasing themselves and then wanting to flee the scene immediately after. The reason for this is that the man feels drained rather than “charged” by his partner (think of a battery being charged with energy), which should never happen because women produce LIFE. Women nurture LIFE.

Women are the cultivating force behind LIFE. You see, women are very powerful beings in having the ability to take a force inside and

cultivate it. It’s like baking a cake

Many of our sisters have lost touch with this gift and must regain it back. The chemicals applied to your body affect you! The foods you consume affect you! The brainwashing you see on television affects you! Many attacks are against the BACKBONE of life and you must understand all of this to rightfully reclaim your throne
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