Thursday, 30 April 2015

FloydMayweatherIsPostingSugeKnight’s $10MillionBail

Win or lose on Saturday, Floyd Mayweather is set to pocket just shy of $180 million in the blockbuster fight against his fierce rival Manny Pacquiao. Despite having already promised to give each of his four kids $50 million in pocket money, it looks like Floyd is set to splash some of that cash on a close friend… Suge Knight.

Speaking to the media following Suge’s court appearance today, where he plead not guilty to murder and all other charges in the fatal hit-and-run incident that went down earlier this year, Suge’s attorney announced that Floyd has agreed to post his client’s bail. That figure stands at $10 million, despite Suge and his team’s efforts to get it reduced even further from its original $25 million price.

If Floyd does indeed come to the rescue, Suge could be out on bail as early as next week. A jury trial, meanwhile, has been set for July 7.
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