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Premature ejaculation, causes and treatment

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction which occurs in man. It is the release of the semen right after penetration even before full arousal of the penis.Premature ejaculation can bring havoc to your sex life. So, the faster it is treated, the better it is for you and your partner.

unhappy couple due to premature ejaculation
Causes of premature ejaculation
Premature ejaculation is a common problem which generally occurs among young men. Ejaculation is said to be premature when the semen is released from the penis on very little arousal. This makes sex very uncomfortable as the woman does not get the full pleasure that is required. Young men usually ejaculate early when they are in the learning process. This problem also occurs among middle aged men who have not had sex for a long period of time and then suddenly indulge in sexual activity.
Continuous premature ejaculation can be an exasperating difficulty, especially when the man is married. If this goes on repeatedly, the man loses his eagerness to perform well in the bed and his sexual life goes for a toss.

Usually the cause of this problem is generally psychological. It occurs because of too much anxiety or anxiousness in a man about how well he can perform in bed. Some men do not understand the sensation of arousal and thus cannot control their orgasm timing, resulting in premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculations are mainly among partners who have just begun a physical relation and are scared of how to go about it.
Premature ejaculation can also be due to physical problems like swelling of the prostate gland, or damage in the spine.
Premature ejaculation and doctor
How can premature ejaculation be treated?
A person who faces premature ejaculation continuously should visit a doctor as soon as possible. After understanding the problem and the underlying cause, he would treat accordingly.
If the cause of premature ejaculation is not physical, then you would need therapy treatments, where you would be taught exercises to control your orgasm so that it can be delayed. Exercises included are the contraction and relaxation procedures, artificial stimulation to help you control your orgasm and the squeeze technique. This can be carried on for some weeks for better result.
There are some drugs which also can delay orgasm. These may be prescribed, but for a short period of time. Try out these simple techniques and you will find yourself with a new self confidence and improved control over ejaculation timings.
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