Monday, 18 August 2014

Yoga Poses That Will Improve Your Sex Life


It is simple and extremely sexy to begin with. You begin on hands and knees, with shoulders directly over wrists and hips directly over knees, you then move from that position into the cats’ position when you raise and round your lover back. Your muscles will be grateful.


The pose itself really remind us of the famous and dangerous snake. This pose is very energizing and helps us get in the mood even if we sometimes feel completely wiped out.


The main connection of this pose to the amazing sex life is the fact that it increases the circulation in your pelvic area. And, yes, when the blood flows exactly how it should, so does the energy and the sex drive.


We all know how tired or even a bit cranky women can be when having their PMS. Sex is usually out of the question at that time of the month, mostly because they do not feel sexy. This pose provides relaxation and you can easily find an inner goddess if you relax and think about how gorgeous you really are.


Just look at this pose, what can look more ‘come and get me’ style. Not only that we can feel the sex vibes in the air, this pose also makes the blood circulate and invigorates the body.


Wow, with this amazing pose you would really tighten your muscles, especially the ones you also tighten with Kegels exercises and we all know how important they are for a good sex experience.


Good energy is the key to really good sex and if you sometimes have trouble finding that extra energy in yourself Plow pose is the one to help you out. In this position the blood will flow to your brains and wake you up!


This one is so cute it is kind a hard to believe how useful can it be for your sex life. When you are in the tree pose you are focused, you slow life down a little and relax, breathe and again, focus. And we all know what we are focusing on…


Maybe it looks simple, but do not be fooled and after all the simpler the better, why not if it works wonders. It makes your groans and hips stretch and this is always useful, not only when it comes down to sex.


At this one all your body muscles work and that is of course just amazing. It is a hard one, but with a bit of practice you can master it. Being fit is important in every aspect of our lives so do not give up on this one. Get in shape not only for your sex partner, but mainly for your personal pleasure.


Another energy bust, however, this one also helps the blood flow into your brains, hips, legs, everywhere… You would feel each part of your body clearly and feel connected with it. Sex energy will just flow into you while you are in this amazing pose.


Pushing you body up to the air and connecting with the strength and the energy that it provides can make you feel pretty sexy. This pose is great for benefiting your heart and staying in shape.


You are probably familiar with this one from your gym classes at school, since is great for relaxation and stretching the whole body. The Child’s pose mainly help you relax and coordinate your head and body – many of the obstacles for good sex life are only in our heads.
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