Sunday, 10 August 2014

What Not to Wear on a Date


Avoid wearing baggy sweaters or clothing. It doesn’t flatter your body or make you look cute. When you’re on a date, you want to look cute and presentable to your guy. You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed with a baggy sweater on. I’m specifically talking about crewneck sweaters. It’s a no-no! If it’s cold, try wearing a jacket or cardigan to keep you warm. A sweater will only work if it’s cute and flattering to your body.


You don’t want to come off as lazy and indifferent to the date. Sweat pants make you seem like you put little effort into looking nice for a date. Sure, they’re super comfortable, but there is always a place and time to “bum” it out. A date is definitely not one of them. If you want to wear comfortable pants, try leggings. Leggings are super comfortable and they still look cute.


Again, there is always a time and place to wear something. Workout clothes are for the gym, not for a dinner date. Workout clothes are just too casual for most dates (depending on what you’re doing) so just try and avoid wearing them at all cost. Sport bras and spandex just aren’t appropriate for a date, it might draw some eyes and attention, but it doesn’t look classy depending on your environment.


First of all, you should never ever wear shorts that look like you got them from the kids section. You might think it looks sexy, but trust me, it doesn’t. If your hoo-ha is showing through your shorts and your butt cheeks are showing through, I think it’s time to throw those shorts out. Most guys when they see girls wearing shorts like that, it just makes them look trashy and overall gross. Plus if it’s too small, it’s not going to flatter your waist or back side. Find a nice pair of appropriate shorts to wear on a nice date.


If you’re stumbling and falling in your heels, maybe you shouldn’t wear them. Heels that exceed 5 inches also come off as a bit promiscuous. So when you’re on a date, wear heels that you’re comfortable wearing and elongate your legs. If your heels are too tall, you could risk falling flat on your face and embarrassing yourself in front of your date.


When you’re on a date, how much do you really need to carry with you? When you carry a large “luggage” around you could come off as materialistic and it could scare a lot of guys off. Try carrying around a small clutch or a cross body bag. It’s a lot easier and it doesn’t cover your entire body as much. Also when it comes to purses, pack lightly, you never know what the guy has planned, so be prepared for all kinds of surprises. You don’t want to carry a huge purse when you’re ice skating or walking around the city!


Honestly if you walk out of your house where your bra is visible, you’re going to look like an idiot. It doesn’t look attractive and can give off the impression that you’re a promiscuous girl. You don’t want that impression of you going around like that, especially on a date with a guy you like. Be modest and hide all your goodies for later.


Depending on the date and the event, you shouldn’t wear a gown to a simple date. It’s way to formal, and it can be a little embarrassing to you and your date when he shows up wearing khakis and a shirt, and you’re wearing a full on gown. Sure, you’ll look beautiful, but sometimes it’s just not appropriate to wear something so formal.
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