Sunday, 10 August 2014

Things Not To Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship

#7 SEX

Awkward. This is something that really shouldn’t be spread. You shouldn’t be telling other people about this. Not only is this stuff really personal, it’s awkward to hear. What if someone told you stuff about their sex life? Ew. Other people don’t need to know “how big it is” or what turns him on! This is something that shouldn’t be shared with anyone. And I mean ANYONE. This is just plain weird! Keep this stuff to yourself.


Yeah, I understand that you need someone to give you advice and make you feel better when you guys fight and that’s okay! But you don’t need to be so specific. They just need to know enough to comfort you. The relationship is between you and him and only you and him. Other people don’t need to know your business. How would you like it if he told other people about your guys’ business? I honestly believe that it just isn’t right to be telling other people about your guys’ fights. It’s awkward when other people tell me about their fights. Like, I guess I can help you and make you feel better, but I really don’t need to know that.


Money is a big deal. It’s not something you want other people knowing about. Sure, you can talk about your money problems as much as you want (but I suggest you don’t because that’s a really personal thing and you probably don’t want other people knowing about it). But a bigger no-no, is telling people about yours and HIS money problems. No one needs to know about that stuff. It’s really personal. And he probably doesn’t want you telling anyone about those things. He might believe that you think lowly of him and you don’t want that.


Those are his problems, not yours. You have your own problems and you can tell them to your friends, but don’t go around spreading his problems. They are HIS. They are personal and he doesn’t want others to know about it. If he chose to talk to you about it, it’s because he trusts you. And if you tell others about it and he finds out, he won’t be able to trust you again. Your friends don’t need to know his business. They don’t need to know what’s going on in his life.


The past is the past. No one needs to know about that except you. That is his past and he doesn’t want to go back to it. Yeah, he trusts you enough to tell you about it, but he doesn’t want others to know. Your friends don’t need to know that stuff because it’s irrelevant now. He’s with you. So why does it matter what his ex girlfriend did to him? Why does it matter what she looked like? Why does it matter what she does now? He’s with you now! So you should be content with that as it is.


Stop complaining so much. I know you get peeved by him sometimes and you want to tell your friends, but if it happens oh so very often, keep your mouth shut! You don’t want others knowing about your guys’ problems. Your friends don’t want to hear your complaints anyways, so don’t even bother telling them. Plus, the more you complain, the more they’ll see him negatively and you don’t want your friends thinking badly of him, do you?


People tend to compare everyone to everything. And you might compare your guy to someone else. And that’s okay, but keep it to yourself. Because what you think, your friends will too. And you don’t want them to think anything negatively of him. Also, when you compare, you tend to make unrealistic expectations and those aren’t good at all. When you expect something, and it doesn’t happen, you end up disappointed. So don’t compare. It’s not cool.
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