Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Someone Handed Their Baby to Lady Gaga and This Is What Happened

This baby has absolutely NO idea how lucky she is. None!

During Lady Gaga's ArtRave stop in Australia, the pop star went outside to greet her fans, which she frequently does. People usually hand her gifts they've made her, or memorabilia for her to sign - you know, that kind of stuff.

At this particular fan meeting, however, Mother Monster got handed something rather unusual - someone's child! Even the baby is like 'did that just happen?!' In fact, the look on the little one's face pretty much sums up how we were feeling about the whole thing.

Gaga handled it like a pro, though. She even sang to her for a second. "She's beautiful," she told the mom, at which point she looked down and realized it was literally a newborn. "Oh my gosh, she's brand new," Gaga said and you could almost see her thought process as she immediately handed the baby back to the mom.

We loved the way she nervously laughed it off at the end, like even she couldn't believe it had happened.
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