Monday, 11 August 2014

Most Unbelievable Tattoos

#1 Mechanical Arm

Eerily mechanical

#2 Tattooed Mystic

How must it feel to walk around with that tattoo on your back?

#3 Supremely 3-D

The artist achieves an 3-D effect with tons of detail in this tattoo

#4 Bricks Behind A Human Skull

Surreal in every way

#5 That Eye

That eye looks supremely real

#6 Leg Wound

This tattoo looks alarmingly like a 3-d leg wound

#7 Flesh Peeled Away

Amazingly real

#8 Hand or Face?

This looks downright creepy. Imagine walking around like this?

#9 Mind-Boggling 3-D Tattoo

Amazing, isn't it? The 3-D tat almost appears carved! It's so perfect, we'd be tempted to "knock" on it, just to see if her leg was not in fact wooden.

#10 Warrior Eyes To Watch Over You

You might think, what.. is this really inked? The 3-D tat is so realistic, until you notice it's on this guy's bicep! No one is messing with him, his tat is likely to start a conversation rather than a fight.

#11 Creepy

Imagine having an eye below your neck. This is cringe-worth

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