Sunday, 10 August 2014

Men’s Winter Fashion Tips


A winter hat is made to serve two purposes. The first purpose is to help keep you warm starting with your most exposed extremity, your head. The second is to help you continue to accessorize during an, otherwise, image stifling holiday. There are many style and color choices out there to accommodate even the rebellious, bad boys out there.


Gentlemen, if you are going to wear a scarf, learn how to wear it and also how not to wear it. A scarf could be the finishing touch to a perfect outfit or the clashing titan ruining your look. You could destroy your ensemble completely just by tying your scarf the wrong way. Find a few comfortable and acceptable variations and follow them closely. You don’t want to look like a dork, do you?


Leather has been in style for, quite literally, hundreds of years. You should have at least one leather jacket in your closet if you have any hope of calling yourself fashionable. Though with nice things comes more intensive care for them. You don’t want to be wearing an ugly and cracked leather anything, do you? That means you need to learn how to take care of it as well as how and when to wear it.


Today’s fashion states that we all need an overcoat. For men, in particular, a good option would be a common and easy to match color. You want the over coat to fit well and hang just above the knee. An oversized coat like this can ruin your look quickly, so be sure to get one that fits you. Slim fit coats tend to be the best choice.


Who can say if this new trend was started by the author, E. L. James, of the hit erotic trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey” or if it began because it just plain looks good? One thing we know is that grey is in style and as a guy you need it in your wardrobe.


You don’t need huge gaudy boots to keep up with the times, though it helps. For some reason, big and bulky boots are coming back into style. Though for the more reserved type, you can stick with a classic style and still keep your wardrobe current. The enormous boots people try wearing these days may be warm, but they can’t be comfortable. Keep it simple.


How can you expect to have a complete winter wardrobe without a sexy and stylish pair of leather gloves? With all honesty, you should have a pair to match every outfit you have. However, for the beginning fashion connoisseur, just getting a black pair is a good place to start.


We say layers look good because you can have the colors contrast and compliment the rest of your outfit just like you can with accessories. You may not want to try this tip if you live in Miami, but for the most part everywhere else gets cold enough to pull it off.


The old fashioned and classic pea coat has made a huge return. This style dates back before the origin of America, yet recently, the double breasted jacket has made an all-out return. Maybe fashion designers have run short of ideas because retro is the new fashionable these days.
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