Friday, 29 August 2014

Janet Jackson Might Be the New Face of Balmain

Janet Jackson new face of Balmain
Janet Jackson is returning her self-imposed exile… according, who spied this iconic photo of a much younger Janet posted on the Instagram page of French designer Oliver Rousteing.

That’s right Janet Jackson could be the “new” face for the Balmain house. Young French designer Oliver Rousteing posted this picture on his instagram just a few hours ago with the caption “Coming Soon..,”. Leaving much to the imagination it’s only right that we try and set things in order.
Could life get any better? Janet Jackson the heart of classic pop music joining the Balmain Army. We love that the new classics such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Chanel Iman just to name a few are apart of the Balmain cool kids crew.
But whats a crew without a leader? We see know better match then Ms. Jackson herself as the lead face for the house of Balmain.
We promise to keep you updated on all that is happening with this possible dynamic duo.
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