Sunday, 10 August 2014

Interesting Pictures of Celebrities When They Were Kids

When Stiller was younger his hair sure were much more fun than today, however, even though his hair may be much more sophisticated these days, he still is fun as hell. Most certainly one of funniest actors of all time.


Is it not funny how shy and innocent Heffner looks in this picture, like a completely well behaved young man. Well we know that he grown up to be a little less shy than he looks on this picture, however, the charm is already there, he must have been quite a womanizer back then already.


Oh such an adorable boy, when he was young Manson was not as unique and different as he is today. Growing up really changed him don’t you think? I am not trying to say that he is not adorable in his own way nowadays, but just look at him, he was such a sweet kid, I think he even smiled a bit back then.


Wow, Willis sure looks nothing like he does today in this picture, but despite the funny haircut we can already see some acting potential on that face. And yes he is kind of handsome. No surprise that he became one of the most famous actors in the world.


We all know Fergie, the fierce, sexy lady with amazing talent and incredible voice. When she way young however she looked much more innocent than today, yet she was already so pretty. I can only imagine how many boys did cry over those pretty blue eyes and long blonde hair.


Do you remember him from the TV series Even Stevens, when he played little Louis, a fun younger brother? Well I do, and he looked just as he does on that picture, so different than he looks today. He is now famous for movies from Transformers series, and of course for being incredibly handsome.


Bowtie and a charming smile. Steve Jobs sure did rock those long hair back in the old days, before he earned millions with his amazing career. Well even back then he looked sophisticated and incredibly smart, don’t you think?


Lady Gaga was actually born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, and yes the name was not the only thing she changed to be successful in showbiz. On this picture she does not have any crazy outfits or hair colors, yet she look really pretty, don’t you think?


Wow, this handsome actor sure did have some charm even when he was a young boy. Funky glasses and the adorable smile, and he was ready to go breaking girls hearts. Now among this he also have a successful acting career.
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