Saturday, 12 March 2016

How to Impress a Girl


Girls just love to hear their own voice, and ever since they are little they are mostly encouraged to tell everything to their girlfriends. If you want to impress a girl, you must be a good listener. The only trap of listening can be you slowly drifting into the friend zone, but do not worry if she really likes you, listening to her will just make her like you even more.


This is true for both women and men, because the worst thing you can possibly do when you try to impress somebody is to completely ignore his or hers favorite things. Try to remember what kind of music she likes, which movies she loves to watch and what some of her favorite meals are. She will be really impressed when she will notice how much you remembered about her.


Even if you are the worst cook in the whole wide world she will be impressed, trust me, mostly because is not so much about fine cousin, but much more about showing her you are prepared to go outside your comfort zone for her.


Not every girl is crazy about muscles, however is nice to have a guy that stays in shape and is able to show to his girl now and then that he can be her big, strong hero. Girls sure love to feel safe!


Yes, we all love romance, we all dream about that Prince to come and take us to his magical kingdom, however, mostly we all also know that Prince just do not exist so please no panicking. Anyway to be romantic you do not need any special skills; just listen to the girl you like, and light some candles at your first date. Well, some flowers, holding hands, gentle kisses, they will all work ;)


Sometimes when you like the girl from the same town, or you just know her family it will sure bring you some plus points if you talk politely to them when you met them. Try to say hello, ask how it is going or joke around a bit with her little siblings. Also try to be nice to all her friends, after all if she likes them they cannot be that bad.


That does not mean that you have to have your own car, apartment and stuff, but that you have to be who you are even when you are with your friends. If the girl you like is near she will quickly notice if you are highly influenced by your friends and nobody really likes a person who does not think with its own head.


Yes, girls cry and whine often, we can be possessive, stubborn and annoying, but you know, guys are not perfect either. So a real magic ingredient for any good relationship is to be patient right from the start. Just be careful to not overdo it, because your girl can soon start to use it in her advantage.
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