Sunday, 10 August 2014

Cute Hairstyles that You Can Do


If you are a person with short to medium-length hair, this is a great style for you! Separate your hair into 2 pony tails and then act like you are starting to tie a shoe knot, but do this with the two sets of hair you separated! Next, put a ponytail with the hair that is hanging down, and then fold that into the knot so it does not show. A quick and easy way to put your hair for the day that looks beautiful.


For you ponytail lovers, this ponytail is a different approach that you can incorporate into your hair styling schedule. To do this, Brush all hair over to the side and secure with a ponytail holder. Next, create a circular opening near the ponytail, and then grab the end of your hair and place it through that circular opening and you now have a tucked side ponytail! Quick and easy!


This beautiful hairstyle requires people that have longer hair. To do this beautiful and elegant hairstyle all you need is your hair, and one bobby pin. Take about 3 inches of hair form the outside and cross them around the back of your head. Next, tie a bow just like you are tying your shoes. You can double knot or just single not your hair- whatever you think looks better. Use a bobby pin to secure your tie from failing and that’s it!


This common hairstyle is a very popular hairstyle which lots of celebs resort to on nights on the red carpet. The beautiful bun-like result is very easy to manage throughout the day, and if created correctly, will not need to be readjusted or played with to make it look good throughout the day! This is a perfect hairstyle if you are going out on a date, or just feel like dressing up more than usual!


If you have a medium to large amount of hair and two minutes out of your day, this hairstyle is definitely one you should try. To create this beautiful yet simple hairstyle, take about 2-3 inches (however think you want it) from both sides of your hair. Pull the left hair you sectioned off to the right, pin it, and then do the exact same with the right sectioned off hair. Tuck the hair under or over the left side you crossed over, and then pin the two together and Vwaala! You’re done!


This hairstyle is great for you ladies with medium to large length hair. Look at the beautiful circular knot that was created in this multi-step process (which can be searched on Google). If you have some extra time in your morning, this is a great hairstyle that definitely will get your some compliments throughout your day! Give it a try and see for yourself if you don’t believe me!


The High-Volume Ponytail is a great idea if you are sick of normal looking ponytails. The great thing about this ponytail is that it can be easily accessible and customized to your liking! Your hair up front can be a little more elevated, or extremely elevated, and then you can create braids or ties in the back of your hair that allow even more accessibility and can be made formed in tons of different ways.


Miley used to have some beautiful hair styles before she cut it all off like this side-braid ponytail above. To do this, simply section off three parts of your hair and do a simple braid motion like you would any other way. Don’t know how to braid? No problem- just search YouTube or Google and you’ll be an expert in no time. You can create small braids or large braids with this technique to your liking or whatever you think looks the best!
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