Wednesday, 20 August 2014

9 Celebrity Moms Who Don’t Act (or Look) Their Age

These hot Hollywood moms prove that age is nothing but a number. They're stunning – and, in some cases, even more gorgeous than they were 20 years ago. They're also doing things that most moms aren't doing, especially those over 40, like performing on stage six weeks after giving birth and gallivanting on the beach with a guy who's a decade younger (and a model). Here, nine celebrity moms who dazzle us:


Demi Moore
She's 51, but Demi's got the body of a 20-year-old. Makes sense since that's about the age of every guy she dates. reports that Demi's new conquest, drummer Sean Friday, is 27!
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Most women wouldn't want to pose totally nude on the cover of a magazine, especially after giving birth. But Pink, 34, who is not only an amazing singer but is also a trained acrobat, proudly showed off her youthful glow on the cover of Australia's Who Magazine.
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Courteney Cox reports that Courteney spent her 50th birthday on the beach with her 37-year-old rocker boyfriend Johnny McDaid. And why not? She still has the beauty (and the bod!) of a college kid.
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Heidi Klum
This 40-year-old fashionista and mom of four kids has a much younger boyfriend (Vito Schnabel, 27), and she's starred on both Project Runway and America's Got Talent. And since Heidi shows no signs of losing her nickname, "The Body," we're guessing that anyone who can't keep up with her will have to hear her say, "Auf wiedersehen."
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Gwen Stefani
Not even childbirth could slow this rocker mom down. Six weeks after giving birth to her third child, a boy, she was performing onstage at the Coachella Music Festival.
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She dates younger guys (her current boy toy is 26), her clothing line with her daughter Lourdes, Material Girl, is a hit with teens, and her concerts are inspiring to every generation. Let's face it: Madonna,55, is timeless.
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Kris Jenner
She's the mom of six kids and the driving force behind the family's success, but Kris Jenner, 58, also wants the world to know she can keep up with her offspring. That's why Radar Online reports that Kris is determined to post selfies that are just as sexy as her daughters'. How many grandmas do you know on Instagram?
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Mariah Carey
Cosmo reports that the 44-year-old diva Tweeted photos of herself from 1997, claiming they were recent. Gasp! Where are the Twitter Police when you need them?
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Jennifer Lopez
At 44, JLo still sings, dances, acts, dates much younger guys, and doesn't seem to have aged a bit. With her amazing assests and flawless skin, People even dedicated an entire article to the diva's inability to age.
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