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SR Exclusive: Tameka “Tiny” Harris Opens Up About T.I., Floyd Mayweather, Open Relationships, Xscape

5 Questions With Tameka Tiny Harris
Former Xscape singer Tameka “Tiny” Harris was gracious and kind enough to grant an exclusive interview! Tiny opened up about her new single that peaked at #1 on iTunes, the status of her marriage to rap tycoon T.I., her new Tequila venture, boxer Floyd Mayweather, open relationships, whether Xscape plans to get back together for a one-time only concert, AND MORE!
Check out Tiny’s exclusive interview after the break!

SANDRA ROSE: “What You Gon’ Do” is a great single. Is it off of your new album, and what’s the title of your album?
TAMEKA “TINY” HARRISI don’t know yet… maybe. I didn’t think it all the way through. I just put a song out. I’ve done like one and a half songs, to be honest with you. I’ll be working on a little bit more material… If I was to do [an album], I know a couple of producers I would love to work with. I like different producers, like Pharrell, Timbaland… I’m thinking about doing more singles.
Who’s your favorite singer right now?
Who is my favorite singer? I don’t know. I like a lot of people. I love Beyonce, I love Rihanna. I like Usher, I like Trey Songz, I like Chris Brown…
What do you think about Iggy Azalea?
I like… I love Iggy. [laughing]
Would you do any music with her?
I definitely wouldn’t mind. I don’t know if I’m gonna do it. But I wouldn’t mind… it would be a cute collaboration.
If you ever see [boxer] Floyd Mayweather in the near future will you hug him, shake his hand or even speak to him?
Maaan, I mean, I would just like to stay away just because of the drama that has carried with the two. You know what I’m sayin’? Out of respect for TIP, I will keep my distance.
So you’re not even going to speak to him?
If I see him… I ain’t going to ignore him, you know? I can’t do that. I’m saying just to keep it nice and cordial… to keep everything going on a straight path… and try to not go in that direction.
How do you feel about open relationships?
I mean, to each his own, that’s how I feel about it. Whatever… I mean… I think whatever a person feels like works for them… and whatever they’re comfortable with doing, they should do it.
Are you comfortable with having an open relationship?
Uh… I’m just not going to go into that. What you mean ‘open’ like what?
Like letting TIP run around and…
NO! I’m not cool with that.
When is the official launch of your Tequila line?
I don’t know yet. We had a soft launch in New Orleans. I love New Orleans. I think I’m starting out in New Orleans where the product is going to be [sold] in a few cities. That’s going to be the official launch.
What are the flavors of your Tequila?
The first 2 are going to be orange blossom tequila and lime tequila. Then the 3rd flavor is my cinnamon tequila. Hopefully we will do a holiday special for that. That’s my favorite!
How do you feel about transitioning from reality TV back to music?
I feel good that the song is doing and how well the people are receiving it. I think one kinda goes hand in hand with the other.
Do you ever think you and the girls [Xscape] will ever get back together for a one-time performance?
You should never say never! But I can’t see it right now. You know, there’s just too much between the girls and the things that have gone on. I guess there’s no parting from that. There’s no getting past that. Not to come back and work together… it’s not gonna happen so far right now.
Did they ever ask you to be on R&B Divas?
Would you do it?
Nah. I can’t go from my show to another show where I don’t have any pull or credit or any control. I’m executive producer over everything I do. So I can’t go to somebody’s show and just be on it… unless it’s scripted.
Is there anything that you want my readers to know?
I just wanna say thank y’all! Thank everybody for the support. Y’all helped to get the song to #1! And also don’t forget to go get the tequila because it’s really… I mean this song that I have is geared.. I mean, it’s kinda like a woman’s anthem. It wasn’t really geared; I was just feeling my, expressing my feelings. I feel like this tequila is also geared to folks. It’s something that women can really love — if you ain’t like no big strong drinker, because that’s me: I’m not. And I think the men, they can love it and feel a part of it ’cause you wanna buy it for your woman. You can have that in your house. When you get the ladies over, you can say, ‘Hey, I know y’all like this!’
Special thanks to Tiny’s publicist, Courtney Barnes, for setting up this interview!
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