Miss Info: As we tweeted this morning, the “Welcome Home Remy” reports are a bit premature.
Remy Ma was expected to walk out of the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility today at 8am. She’s spent past 6 years in prison after being convicted of shooting a former friend in 2008. Her husband Papoose, managers, family members, friends, fans and camera crews stood outside for hours waiting for the 34-year old Reminisce Smith, with an assortment of fancy cars to take her home. But according to sources on the scene, around noon, prison officials came out and spoke to Papoose personally, and soon after, he and his crew left. In a strong show of restraint, Papoose was reportedly calm despite the news.
While it’s unclear why her release has hit a roadblock (parole officials would only confirm to Revolt that she’s still in custody), we were told that Remy Ma spent what was supposed to be the last week of her incarceration in solitary confinement. Her team did not believe it would delay her release…and she has club bookings and events waiting for her availability. While it’s unknown if officials were put off by the crowds outside, or if there was just a paperwork snafu…It’s clear from the photos (below) that Remy’s colleagues, friends, fans, and family are anxious to see her home.

UPDATE: Revolt reports that a prison official cited a “disciplinary problem” on July 21st as the reason for the delay. This must have been the fight with a fellow inmate that resulted in her recent time in solitary confinement. Strange that officials only decided to tell her family that they would hold Remy for that incident…after they were already waiting for her outside.
But you never know…maybe there’s still a chance for a homecoming today?

(the scene outside of Remy’s prison, via our friends at NowWhutDotCom)

(Papoose and StreetTeamWill waiting for Remy this morning)

(Remy’s fan page posted this Ferrari that was allegedly the rapper’s homecoming gift)