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Fergie Shows Off Her Post-Baby Body For The First Time (Photos)

Fergie Shows Off Her Post-Baby Body For The First Time (Photos)

Fergie is looking very fergalicious these days! The new mom was spotted house-hunting with her husband Josh Duhamel in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday afternoon while showing off her amazing post-baby body.

It was only one month ago that Fergie gave birth to her son, Axl Jack, and it looks like she bounced back pretty quickly. But then again, she maintained a healthy weight all throughout her pregnancy so it’s no surprise that she already looking like one very yummy mummy!

Check out more photos below and let me know what you think of!

Kim Kardashian is Already Bored with Motherhood — and I Don't Blame Her!!!!!!

Kim Kardashian has only been a mother for some few months, but according to "a source close to her" she's already really bored and missing her old life. As is the case with pretty much everything reported about Kim K, a lot of people are criticizing her over this. I admit I rolled my eyes a bit, but I get it, because what she's feeling is perfectly normal. 
Let's be honest. In a lot of ways parenting a newborn is boring. Think about all the things you do when you first have a baby - the feedings, diaper changes, time spent trying to get your baby to sleep - they can be repetitive. They're also amazing, heart-swelling, and life affirming moments, but there's no denying they aren't the most intellectually stimulating ways to spend time.

Cam’ron on Responding to Jay Z’s “Pound Cake” Verse: “I Just Named a Couple Facts”

Jay Z will forever be the master of throwing subtle jabs in his raps. It’s usually all in the spirit of hip-hop, and not really personal. He has name dropped everyone from Stephon Marbury to Worldwide West on records, but one man who just can’t let things of this nature slide is Killa Cam. When Hov mentioned making Cam’ron a millionaire on Drake’s “Pound Cake” record, Harlem’s own wasted little time in replying to the track. On a freestyle over Jodeci’s “Come and Talk Me,” he said he was simply getting the facts straight.
Jay Z first rapped: “I done made more millionaires than the Lotto did/Dame made millions//Biggs [Burke] made million/Kanye made millions, Just made millions/Lyor made millions/Cam made millions.”
Cam’s Response: “She said Jay made you a millionaire and looked me in the eyes/Said cake, cake, cake, got that from the pies / We made each other millions, that was my reply / But had a mill before I met him, baby, that ain’t no lie/See he named some Harlem cats and homie from the Chi/but my thing is he ain’t name nobody from the Stuy”
Watch Cam break down his verse after the jump…

Khloe Kardashian Is Putting On A Good Face During Lamar Odom Drug Battle, Says Kris Jenner!

khloe kardashian staying strong kris jenner lamar odom

Well, it's probably necessary for filming, right?
We're not sure Khloe Kardashian should have to act like everything is totes awesome while she probably feels like her whole life is falling apart, but we do hope she can stay strong during her rocky road withLamar Odom.
As he apparently continues to struggle with a drug issue, it seems Khloe is doing what she can to survive. And it has to be damn hard - no matter how easy she makes it look - considering how in love she has been with Lamar since the day they met.
This is why, even though it's hard to hear, we're happy to hear Khloe is carrying on like normal. Her momma Kris Jenner revealed:

Madonna Shares Private Tragedy About Being Raped At Knifepoint When She First Moved To NYC!

madonna raped in nyc early years

So, soo, sooo horrible!
We can't even imagine the pain Madonna went through after she first moved to New York City, but now that it's in the past, she's opening up about being raped during her early days in the Big Apple.
In an article in Harper's Bazaar, Madonna recalls the difficult memory as she writes:
"New York wasn't everything I thought it would be. It did not welcome me with open arms. The first year, I was held up at gunpoint. Raped on the roof of a building I was dragged up to with a knife in my back."

Britney Spears: New video couldn't be too sexy, I'm a mom...!!!!

Britney Spears: New video couldn't be too sexy, I'm a mom

Britney Spears shows plenty of skin in the new music video for her single "Work B***h," but the star says what the public's seen is actually the tame version.
"We showed way more skin and did way more stuff for the video than what is actually there. I cut out like half the video because I am a mother," the 31-year-old told Boston radio station AMP 103.3.

Naya Rivera's Engaged....!!!

Is that an engagement ring, Naya Rivera?

Is that an engagement ring, Naya Rivera?
"Glee" star Naya Rivera was wearing a very noticeable diamond ring at a Latina magazine event on Thursday, and now we know why: the actress and singer is reportedly engaged to her rapper boyfriend Big Sean.
Rivera, 26, has been publicly attached to the Detroit artist since an April movie premiere, and have since collaborated on Rivera's new single, "Sorry."
The "Gleek" told Access Hollywood last month that she actually met Sean on Twitter.

The Sinead O'Connor and Miley feud isn't over

The Sinead O'Connor and Miley feud isn't over

For Sinead O'Connor, the pen is truly mightier than the sword.
By now, the singer has written not one, not two, but three open letters to Miley Cyrus, with the latest threatening legal action against the pop star.
Cyrus hasn't been as verbal as O'Connor, but she hasn't been silent, either - it seems the last two open letters were crafted in response to some of Cyrus' tweets.

Review: 'Gravity' is out of this world

Sandra Bullock is once again riding high with Oscar buzz, this time for her performance the new film "Gravity" (out October 4). Here she arrives for the opening ceremony of the 70th Venice Film Festival and the screening of the movie at the competition in August. It's been a charmed life and career for the actress...
Sandra Bullock is once again riding high with Oscar buzz, this time for her performance the new film "Gravity" (out October 4). Here she arrives for the opening ceremony of the 70th Venice Film Festival and the screening of the movie at the competition in August. It's been a charmed life and career for the actress...

Sandra Bullock: America's sweetheart

( -- In "Gravity," George Clooney plays a veteran astronaut who looks amusingly like Buzz Lightyear, and Sandra Bullock is a medical engineer who is taking her first voyage into space and is having a hard time keeping her lunch down.

They float around in the inky silent darkness, bobbing and gliding, with Earth spread out beneath them like a giant luminescent screensaver. Even when tethered to a spacecraft, the two are really out there, exhilaratingly and terrifyingly free. The miracle of the movie is the way that director Alfonso Cuarón, using special effects and 3-D with a nearly poetic simplicity and command, places the audience right up there in space along with them. Gravity is an awesome technological daydream of a movie, one that might be classified as science fiction, except that it isn't a futuristic fantasy. It's a tale of disaster and grief and survival rooted in the possibilities of space travel as they exist today. Part of what makes the film so thrilling is that it gives its characters no easy outs.

Photo Of The Day: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson by Annie Leibovitz - michael-jackson Photo

Michael Jackson History Tour - michael-jackson Photo

Kelly Rowland took a private tour of a nature preserve in South Africa ...!!!

Kelly Rowland in South Africa
Kelly Rowland with baby lion
Songbird Kelly Rowland took a private tour of a nature preserve in South Africa where she cradled a baby lion. Kelly is in South Africa to perform at a mansion party for wealthy South African businessman Douw Steyn. The public is not invited and the guest list is a well-kept secret. The opulent mansion is located in Fourways, North of Johannesburg, according to MSN Entertainment blog.

Chris Brown Started Boning The Ladiez At A CRAZY Young Age & Thinks He's Now Like Prince!

chris brown lost virginity young prince comparison

Leave it to Chris Brown to shock us some more!
As if him ending his Drake feud and posting sweet tweets about everyone being free to love whoever they want wasn't enough to blow our minds, he's done it again.

The young singer might have made headlines for romancing Rihanna and Karrueche Tran at the same time, but they were hardly his first conquests. In fact, the girl who took his virginity came around loooooong before these lovelies.
In a recent interview, Breezy dropped the bombshell that he lost his virginity at eight years old!!!

Selena Gomez Gets Perfume Lawsuit Dismissed, But It's Apparently Going To Cost Her!

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch…or in Selena Gomez's case, a free lawsuit dismissal.
Selenita has been caught up in some lawsuit dramz with Adrenalina, Inc. over a fragrance deal gone wrong. The two had agreed Selena would promote a new perfume line with the company, but apparently the deal stunk!
And after Selenita bailed, the scent of a lawsuit from Adrenalinalingered behind. But like any good pop princess would do, shecountersued.
Now, the lawsuit has apparently been dismissed, but that's supposedly only because Selenita is agreeing to pay out in order to end it. And she apparently wants it soooo done that she's willing to pay six figures! Although, we hear it might end up being seven figures when all is said and done.
We're guessing this is the priciest perfume she never even had!

Papoose Reacts to Kendrick Lamar’s BET Cypher: “He’ll Never be Able to Shine my Shoes, Lyrically”

The 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards don’t air for another two weeks, but things have already heated up thanks to Kendrick Lamar. After a preview of TDE’s cypher hit online, including Lamar aiming some lyrics at Drake, raps fans when into a frenzy online in various social media outlets. At the time, many felt the words were aimed at Drake, but on Thursday those opinions changed as some theorists felt Papoose was Lamar’s intended victim. The news got to Papoose who tweeted a jab at Drake to sit back and left him handle Lamar (the tweet has since been deleted).
Talking with XXL, Papoose gives his thoughts on Lamar’s verse and explains his Twitter was hacked on Thursday night when that Drake tweet went out.
So you saw the Kendrick clip that came out from the BET Cypher?
Yeah, yeah, I was hearing about it a lot, and then when I actually clicked on that, I couldn’t believe that that was what everybody was making a big deal out of.
A lot of people said he was going at you.
I agree with the people, I looked at the majority and they were saying he was going at me. So I agree with the listeners, I agree with the fans. They say majority rules, so I agree with the majority.
Read the full interview Conversation below…..

Kim Kardashian posted a new photo of baby North West, a.k.a. Nori

North West swaddled
Kim Kardashian posted a new photo of baby North West, a.k.a. Nori, on her account today. Kim probably posted the photo to distract critics from the fact that she left her newborn to attend Paris Fashion week events. But anyone familiar with the behavior of narcissists knows how easy it is for them to abandon their children to pursue their own interests halfway around the world.

Pharrell Williams is Getting Married

Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh
Music producer Pharrell Williams is ready to settle to settle down after sowing his wild oats. The 40-year-old clothing designer will soon tie the knot with his fiancée, Helen Lasichanah. Pharrell and Helen, who is a fashion designer and sometime model, have a son together, 4-yar-old Rocket. Congrats to the happy couple.

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WEIRD!!!!!!36 Of the Most Random Ways To Die...!!!!

These have to be some of the most random ways to die.\

1. Overeating At A Feast Given In Your Honor – Julien Offray de La Mettrie (1751)
2. Being Hit By A Canonball That Was Fired As A Salute To You – John Kendrick (1794)
3. Drowning In A Flood Of Beer (Or Being Injured In A Beer Flood) (Or Getting Alcohol Poisoning In A Beer Flood) – London Beer Flood (1814)
4. Sticking A Piece Of Whale Bone Through Your Urinary Tract To Clear A Blockage – Gouverneur Morris (1816)
5. Swinging A Baseball Bat So Hard That It Ruptures Your Bladder – Jim Creighton (1862)
6. Accidentally Shooting Yourself In Court While Demonstrating To A Jury How Your Client’s Alleged Victim Might Have Accidentally Shot Himself – Clement Vallandigham (1871)
7. Being Poisoned, Shot In The Head, Shot Three More Times, Bludgeoned, Castrated, And Then Thrown Into A River Only For The Cause Of Death To Be Drowning – Grigori Rasputin (1916)
8. Being Crushed Or Drowned By Molasses – Boston Molasses Disaster (1919)
9. Being Hit By A Pitch – Ray Chapman (1920)
10. Being Bit By A Monkey – Alexander I Of Greece (1920)

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Photo Of The Day:Muhammad Ali and Bill Cosby

Mohammed Ali and Bill Cosby
Muhammad Ali and Bill Cosby

Messi vs Robot Goalkeeper

Taylor Swift & Kelly Osbourne Spend Girls Night In Making Yummy Cookies!!

Taylor Swift Kelly Osbourne baking cookies!

We hope you made enough to share because those look DELISH!!
In probably what is the perfect girls night in EVER, Taylor SwiftKelly Osbourne and a friend of Kelly's spent the night baking cookies!
Kelly took to twitter to rave about how talented T-Swift is in the kitchen.
She tweeted:
GURL! Do you know how big of a compliment that is!?
Kelly is marrying a chef aka Matthew Mosshart!!!!
Shortly after, Kelly tweeted again:
The trio are so cute!
From supporting her brother Jack Osbourne on Dancing With The Stars, to jet-setting around the world for fashion week, this girls night in was probably JUST what Kelly needed!
Swiftie! When are you gonna invite us over for a night in!?! Maybe after the next leg of your Red tour!?
We'll be waiting!!
Ch-ch-check out the rest of Kelly's pics (below)!!!

Rich Before Fame: Musicians Who Were Born With a Silver Spoon

Adam Levine

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine was living the good ife since he was in diapers. Raised in Los Angeles celebrity-studded Pacific Palisades neighborhood, his kindergarten buddies included actors Jason Segel and Jek Gyllenhall.

Metallica's Lars Ulrich

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich was born into an upper middle class family in Denmark. His dad was a pro tennis player and before Lars found fame as a musician, his posh upbringing included tennis coaching, which took him as far as the ritzy Laguna Beach for some serious training.

Revenge's Barry Sloane Goes Shirtless In New Photos! Hunky!

Bu-bu-but what happened to that steamy kiss we saw last week?!
Was that a spoiler alert just to come?
Judging on these new pictures from Revenge, it seems as if Barry Sloane’s Aiden has moved on from Emily and onto to a pretty little brunette.
And quickly we might add!
The two are seen in a seski embrace as Aiden walked into the room with nothing but an itty bitty towel on.
By the looks of her outfit, maybe Aiden is staying at hotel and the female is just a worker there?
Guess we’ll just have to wait to find out if it’s just a ploy or if he’s really moved on!
Ch-ch-check out the steamy pictures (below)!

Jackson Family Lose $40B AEG Live Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Jackson Family Lose AEG Lawsuit

A California jury yesterday sided with concert promoter AEG Live in a multi-billion dollar wrongful death lawsuit brought by Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine, 83.
The Jackson family matriarch filed the lawsuit in February 2013, seeking up to $40 billion from AEG Live.
The jury found AEG was not liable for the actions of Michael’s former personal physician Conrad Murray, who is scheduled to be released from prison this month after serving 2 years of a four-year sentence for negligent homicide in Michael’s death.

Slim Thug is Not the Father

Slim Thug tweets
Rapper Slim Thug went on a Twitter tirade yesterday after his lawyer told him he was not the father of a gold digger’s son.
The 33-year-old Houston native was relieved that a DNA test was negative, but he was furious that his bank account and assets were frozen after the woman told debtors he was behind on child support payments.
Slim Thug, whose real name is Stayve Jerome Thomas, tweeted a photo of the boy flashing his middle finger.
Slim Thug tweets
“This the pic she sent me of the boy she said was mine pointing the F u sign I oughta get JR on him,” Slim Thug wrote on his official and and accounts.
The rapper posted a photo of himself posing with one of his three biological sons. “Kicking it with my real kid,” he wrote in the caption.
*Read from the bottom up
Slim Thug tweets
Slim Thug tweets
Slim Thug tweets

New Video: Pusha T Feat. Kendrick Lamar “Nosetalgia”

Pusha T goes to what he knows best, the gritty streets in his new video “Nosetalgia.” Pyrex P heads west to Compton, roaming L.A.’s inner city in the one-take black-and-white visual. Eventually, Kendrick Lamar appears and joins Pusha for his evening late-night stroll, delivering his venomous verse as the G.O.O.D. Music MC follows behind.
Available for stream here, head to iTunes and pre-order Pusha T’s My Name Is My Namewhich arrives next Tuesday.

Wedding Bells Alert: Big Sean and Naya Rivera Are Engaged

Big Sean and Naya Rivera will walk the alter in the near future. The 25-year-old rapper and 26-year-old “Glee” actress, who have been dating for six months, are now engaged. A rep from Naya’s camp confirms to JustJared the young couple are set to tie the knot.
The couple met each other over Twitter after Rivera asked her brother about Big Sean as his music blasted in their car. After doing some research and finding a GQ feature on him, Naya found the Detroit-native on the social media site and connected soon after.
I had followed him and he sent me a little message like, ‘I’m a fan.’ I tweeted that I followed him, I was trying to get his attention,” said Rivera when speaking with Access Hollywood earlier this year. “We went to dinner and the rest is history.”
The hot couple have graced various red carpets this year, including the BET Awards,MTV Video Music Awards, and Teen Choice Awards. They’ve also collaborated on the song “Sorry.” Congrats to both Big Sean and Naya!

New Music: Lauryn Hill “Consumerism”

Lauryn Hill is almost free, and celebrates by blessing her fans with a new record. On the eve of her prison release after serving a three-month sentence for tax evasion, Ms. Hill bring social awareness to the forefront in “Consumerism.” Wanting to release the record during her last hours of incarceration, Lauryn wanted to take listeners into her mind as she’s faced various personal challenges in recent times.
Available now on iTunes, Lauryn Hill explains the record off her forthcoming Letters From Exile project in a letter:
“Consumerism is part of some material I was trying to finish before I had to come in. We did our best to eek out a mix via verbal and emailed direction, thanks to the crew of surrogate ears on the other side.”
Listen to “Consumerism” and read Lauryn’s letter below…..

Future Delays ‘Honest’ Sophomore Album

As the year comes to an end, one intriguing project listeners are looking forward to is Future’s Honest LP. On Wednesday, the rapper-singer appeared on HuffPost Live with Ricky Camilleri to discuss his sophomore album, working with high-profiled artists, his girlfriend Ciara, touring with Drake, never hearing Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse, and more.
Fans may have to wait a little longer to hear Future’s Honest. Scheduled to arrive onNovember 26, the Atlanta-native says there’s no specific date now and to expect it between November-December, more than likely the latter.

New Video: Keyshia Cole “I Choose You”

Keyshia Cole has a tough decision to make in “I Choose You,” the Elijah Blake-penned cut off last year’s Woman to Woman album. The R&B songstress has her heart in two places, and will have to ultimately choose one lover. In long blonde curls, and showing off her beautiful figure, Keyshia makes up her mind in the black-and-white performance clip.
Woman to Woman is available on iTunes.
Watch “I Choose You” below..........

Kendrick Lamar Aims at Drake in BET Cypher: “Nothing’s Been the Same Since They Dropped Control”


(TDE at the 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards: ScHoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock & SZA)
The 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards were recently taped in Atlanta last weekend, and will air on the network in two weeks. One of the most talked about moments during the annual show came from the always entertaining cyphers. TDE shook things up with a lineup of Jay Rock, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, newest signee Isaiah Rashad, and Kendrick Lamar.
With his “Control” verse still a hot topic months later, Kendrick used his camera time to cleverly send a jab at Drake. In recent interviews with Angie Martinez and Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Drake expressed disappointment and questioned the Compton MC and his motives when recording the verse on Big Sean’s record. Over Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones Part. II,” Kendrick raps from a spectators angle using Drizzy’s Nothing Was the Same album title as a base for his verbal attack.

Rapper's Delight: Inside 50 Cent's Car Collection

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s love affair with automobiles got off to an inauspicious start. His first car nearly got him killed, and not because he was driving too fast. In the summer of 1994, at the age of 19, Jackson plunked down $53,000 in cash made from peddling drugs on the streets of New York for a charcoal gray Toyota Land Cruiser. He tricked it out with a rooftop bike rack, new wheels and a sound system with a bass that thumped so hard it rattled the license plate against the back hatch.

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Rihanna Reveals Her Love For Princess Diana & Nicole Richie In Glamour

Rihanna is a seksi beast in the spread for Glamour's November issue!

We're not sure what the story is in Rihanna's spread for Glamour's November issue, but we don't care because she looks SUBLIME!
The naughty Pour It Up singer returns to Barbados for the shoot and strips down to her skivvies, inspiring major thigh envy in a Marc Jacobs bra top and panties with a matching coat thrown over it.
In another shot, it's hard to focus on anything but her abs in a whiteCalvin Klein crop top and pencil skirt styled with a vintage pearl Lynn Ban belt.
Her body is OUT OF CONTROL!
RiRi also talks at length about her intense love for fashion. She said:

Cash Kings 2013: The World's Highest-Paid Hip-Hop Artists

Sean “Diddy” Combs hasn’t always agreed with FORBES’ evaluations of his wealth. “[Screw] the Forbes list,” he rapped on a Rick Ross song three years ago. “Let’s tell the truth: I ate more.”
These days, however, the hip-hop mogul is changing his tune.
“You started learning how to count right, I see,” Diddy told FORBES earlier this year, referring to more recent estimates. “Thank God!”

He likely won’t find fault with our latest rankings, either: Diddy tops this year’s list of hip-hop’s top earners, pulling in $50 million over the past 12 months. He’s one of rap’s most diversified moguls, thanks to his Bad Boy record label, Sean John clothing line and Blue Flame agency. But it’s his agreement with Diageo’s Ciroc vodka that brings in the bulk of his bucks. Next up: cable channel Revolt, which will debut this fall via Time Warner and Comcast.
Jay Z lost his hyphen this year but gained $43 million—good enough to earn the second spot on the list. He’s been padding his coffers with his lucrative live shows, Armand de Brignac champagne, D’Ussé cognac, Roc Nation label and management firm and a host of other ventures. His new album went platinum before its July launch when Samsung shelled out $5 million to buy 1 million copies (for more on Jay-Z’s rise, check out Empire State of Mind).
Dr. Dre rounds out the top three with $40 million. After winning last year’s cash crown, he’s down two spots because he’s no longer boosted by a nine-figure payout for selling part of Beats by Dr. Dre in 2011. But he’s still cashing in on the ubiquitous headphones, expanding the company to include a long-awaited streaming music service. He’s also made time to mentor other artists on the list, including Kendrick Lamar, who makes his Cash Kings debut with $9 million.
“Definitely one thing [Dre] said is, you can’t accept everything for a dollar,” Lamar explained. “If it’s not right … if it’s not something that you see has longevity in it, you have to pass it up.”
When it comes to longevity, it’s hard to top Cash Money Records, which has been among hip-hop’s top labels for two decades. Its roster includes four names on the list—crossover star Drake ($10.5 million), rap legend Lil Wayne ($16 million), label co-founder Birdman ($21 million) and fourth-ranked Nicki Minaj, the only lady on the list ($29 million).