Monday, 25 March 2013

Barack Obama meets miss Israel

Earlier, I told you about President Barack Obama’s plans to dine with the first black Miss Israel during his extended trip to Israel last week.

White House officials confirmed that Mr Obama “insisted” upon inviting the beautifu Yityish Aynaw, 22, to a gala dinner hosted by Shimon Peres, Israel’s president.

ooked absolutely smitten when he laid eyes on the tall, raving beauty for the first time. Mrs Obama who vacationed separately from her husband last month didn’t make the trip to Israel.

Aynaw, an Ethiopian Jewish immigrant, is the first black Miss Israel in Israel’s history. She was crowned Miss Israel earlier this year.

“It’s time that someone from my community someone with my skin color, who is Israeli just like everyone else, represent the country,” she said in a recent interview.

Jay Z opens up about Beyonce: “Would I Still Be Jay Z?”

Someone sent this to me on Facebook. This should make everyone rethink their opinions on Jay Z and not in a good way.

Jay Z writes:

“The way she has changed my life… If I didn’t have her…? Where would I be? Who will I be? Sometimes I wonder if I would still be Jay-Z. It’s so surreal."First time I laid eyes on her she was 16, I had a thought in my head, “she will be mine",
became my best friend….20 years old, it was time.. before you knew it she made me swallow my pride and my own words bit me in the ass.. “Forever mackin” – 8 years later, married, one kid. She saved me@ibbaddie @baddiebey”