Thursday, 5 December 2013

R. Kelly Tributes Nelson Mandela, Performs “Soldier’s Heart” on ‘Arsenio’

R. Kelly continued his late-night television appearances with a visit to The Arsenio Hall Show on Thursday night. Shortly before the show went on air, R. Kelly and Arsenio took some time backstage to reflect on Nelson Mandela’s passing just prior to taping.

Once the cameras started rolling, Kellz sat down with the talkshow host to speak on choice of underwear on women, support of Kelly’s mother support through personal struggles, current artists he listens to including Jay Z, and using food as a metaphor in song lyrics.

Sticking on the topic of food, R. Kelly had fun with a group of female audience members by improvising sexy songs with cereal and condiments. The Pied Piper closed out by tributing Nelson Mandela, performing the song he wrote for the world icon in “Soldier’s Heart” followed by a medley of “Shut Up” and “When a Woman Loves.” Arriving December 10, you can pre-order the R&B singer’s Black Panties album on iTunes
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