Thursday, 14 November 2013

Source: Beyonce and Jay Z Considered Trial Separation

Beyonce and Jay Z
There is trouble in paradise for Power couple Beyonce and Jay Z, according to an exclusive report by
Hollywood Life confirmed what I told you in an earlier report about the real reason Beyonce decided to have a child — to force Jay Z to stay home more.
According to Hollywood Life, “Bey was reportedly thinking about taking a break from their marriage because she thought Jay was being selfish.”
“[Beyonce] would like for them to hang out and be together a little more as her tour is providing stress to a marriage that is not only important to them, but an entire fan base,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “They have normal relationship problems being parents. It just happens that these two are two of the hugest stars in the world, so just imagine that situation on top of a regular relationship.”

“They are not thinking of a separation. They actually are trying to figure out how to hang out more. Their marriage is fine, they are working on getting together more for the holidays and nobody should expect a break up, separation or divorce,” a source told Hollywood Life.
What happened with Jay Z and Beyonce is the same thing that happens to most Loving couples: the Dopamine-fueled fires eventually flame out. Both Bey and Jay began looking for new sources of Dopamine outside of their relationship. Beyonce threw herself into her work, while her husband threw himself into the arms of loose women (allegedly).
That’s when the rumors started about Jay Z cheating on Bey with discretionary women who are paid for their silence.
According to an insider, Beyonce feared she was losing Jay Z for good. So she sought the services of a surrogate to bear Jay Z’s child, Blue Ivy.
That’s why Blue Ivy doesn’t favor Beyonce in any way, shape or form.
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