Thursday, 14 November 2013

Solange Knowles Discusses Disciplining Her Son And Using Beyonce to Fight a Bully

Solange Knowles
Beyonce’s little sister, Solange Knowles, stopped by Hot 97 to promote her new compilation album on Angie Martinez’s show on Wednesday.
Solange recalled pulling the “Knowles card” on a bully in the 7th grade around the time Beyonce’s song “No, No, No” was a hit.
“I used the [Knowles] card because there was this one kid, he was so obnoxious,” said Solange. “He was constantly kinda bullying, doing the most… called my mom the B-word. This kid was just out of control. I wrote petitions to get this kid [thrown] out of school. His name was Brandon. I said, ‘my sister is coming here and you’re gonna be really surprised who she is.’ [Beyonce and Kelly Rowland] pulled up, and I will never forget the face he made. They were coming to beat him up, but it was Destiny’s Child coming to beat him up,” she said.

Solange also discussed her methods for disciplining her now 9-year-old son Daniel, aka Julez. She says Julez doesn’t have an iPhone and she makes him walk to school in New Orleans. “I really, really limit what he has access to.”
Solange disappointed her fans by admitting she uses corporal punishment on her young son.
“If he gets completely out of line and I’ve tried the three steps: the Look, the Talk is 1; 2 is taking away something that’s of value to him. And then 3 — if 1 and 2 didn’t work — you need your butt popped.”
Solange revealed she beats her son “two or three times a year.”
Solange loses points for teaching her son that the only way to make him “fear” her is to inflict violence on him. She shouldn’t be surprised if Julez grows up to be a domestic abuser. He learned it from his mama.
Solonage’s Saint Records’ compilation album, Saint Heron, featuring Jhene Aiko and Cassie, is available for streaming online.
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